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#ifndef     _WIN_SETUP_H__
#define     _WIN_SETUP_H__

#ifndef INTFUNC
#define INTFUNC  __stdcall
#endif /* INTFUNC */
#define     MAXDSNAME   (32+1)      /* Max data source name length */
/* Globals */
/* NOTE:  All these are used by the dialog procedures */
typedef struct tagSETUPDLG
      HWND        hwndParent;       /* Parent window handle */
      LPCSTR            lpszDrvr;         /* Driver description */
      ConnInfo    ci;
      char        szDSN[MAXDSNAME];       /* Original data source name */
      BOOL        fNewDSN;          /* New data source flag */
      BOOL        fDefault;         /* Default data source flag */


/* Prototypes */
void INTFUNC CenterDialog(HWND hdlg);
int CALLBACK ConfigDlgProc(HWND hdlg, UINT wMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
void INTFUNC ParseAttributes(LPCSTR lpszAttributes, LPSETUPDLG lpsetupdlg);
BOOL INTFUNC SetDSNAttributes(HWND hwnd, LPSETUPDLG lpsetupdlg, DWORD *);
BOOL INTFUNC ChangeDriverName(HWND hwnd, LPSETUPDLG lpsetupdlg, LPCSTR driver_name);

#endif /* _WIN_SETUP_H__ */

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