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/* File:                tuplelist.h
 * Description:         See "tuplelist.c"
 * Important Note:      This structure and its functions are ONLY used in building manual result
 *                            sets for info functions (SQLTables, SQLColumns, etc.)
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __TUPLELIST_H__
#define __TUPLELIST_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

struct TupleListClass_
      Int4        num_fields;
      Int4        num_tuples;
      TupleNode  *list_start,
      Int4        last_indexed;

#define TL_get_num_tuples(x)  (x->num_tuples)

/* Create a TupleList. Each tuple consits of fieldcnt columns */
TupleListClass *TL_Constructor(UInt4 fieldcnt);
void        TL_Destructor(TupleListClass *self);
void     *TL_get_fieldval(TupleListClass *self, Int4 tupleno, Int2 fieldno);
char        TL_add_tuple(TupleListClass *self, TupleNode *new_field);


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