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/* File:                qresult.h
 * Description:         See "qresult.c"
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __QRESULT_H__
#define __QRESULT_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

#include "connection.h"
#include "socket.h"
#include "columninfo.h"
#include "tuplelist.h"
#include "tuple.h"

enum QueryResultCode_
      PGRES_COMMAND_OK,             /* a query command that doesn't return */
      /* anything was executed properly by the backend */
      PGRES_TUPLES_OK,              /* a query command that returns tuples */
      /* was executed properly by the backend, PGresult */
      /* contains the resulttuples */
      PGRES_BAD_RESPONSE,                 /* an unexpected response was recv'd from
                                                 * the backend */
      PGRES_FIELDS_OK,              /* field information from a query was
                                                 * successful */
typedef enum QueryResultCode_ QueryResultCode;

struct QResultClass_
      ColumnInfoClass *fields;      /* the Column information */
      TupleListClass *manual_tuples;            /* manual result tuple list */
      ConnectionClass *conn;        /* the connection this result is using
                                                 * (backend) */
      QResultClass      *next;            /* the following result class */

      /* Stuff for declare/fetch tuples */
      int               num_total_rows;   /* total count of rows read in */
      int               count_backend_allocated;/* m(re)alloced count */
      int               count_keyset_allocated; /* m(re)alloced count */
      int               num_backend_rows; /* count of tuples kept in backend_tuples member */
      int               fetch_count;      /* logical rows read so far */
      int               currTuple;
      int               base;

      int               num_fields;       /* number of fields in the result */
      int               cache_size;
      int               rowset_size;
      Int4              recent_processed_row_count;

      QueryResultCode status;

      char     *message;
      char     *cursor;             /* The name of the cursor for select
                                                 * statements */
      char     *command;
      char     *notice;

      TupleField *backend_tuples; /* data from the backend (the tuple cache) */
      TupleField *tupleField;       /* current backend tuple being retrieved */

      char        inTuples;         /* is a fetch of rows from the backend in
                                                 * progress? */
      char        aborted;          /* was aborted? */
      char        haskeyset;        /* this result contains keyset ? */
      KeySet            *keyset;
      UInt2       rb_alloc;   /* count of allocated rollback info */    
      UInt2       rb_count;   /* count of rollback info */  
      Rollback    *rollback;  
      UInt2       dl_alloc;   /* count of allocated deleted info */     
      UInt2       dl_count;   /* count of deleted info */   
      UInt4       *deleted;   

#define QR_get_fields(self)                           (self->fields)

/*    These functions are for retrieving data from the qresult */
#define QR_get_value_manual(self, tupleno, fieldno) (TL_get_fieldval(self->manual_tuples, tupleno, fieldno))
#define QR_get_value_backend(self, fieldno)                 (self->tupleField[fieldno].value)
#define QR_get_value_backend_row(self, tupleno, fieldno) ((self->backend_tuples + (tupleno * self->num_fields))[fieldno].value)

/*    These functions are used by both manual and backend results */
#define QR_NumResultCols(self)            (CI_get_num_fields(self->fields))
#define QR_NumPublicResultCols(self)      (self->haskeyset ? CI_get_num_fields(self->fields) - 2 : CI_get_num_fields(self->fields))
#define QR_get_fieldname(self, fieldno_)  (CI_get_fieldname(self->fields, fieldno_))
#define QR_get_fieldsize(self, fieldno_)  (CI_get_fieldsize(self->fields, fieldno_))
#define QR_get_display_size(self, fieldno_) (CI_get_display_size(self->fields, fieldno_))
#define QR_get_atttypmod(self, fieldno_)  (CI_get_atttypmod(self->fields, fieldno_))
#define QR_get_field_type(self, fieldno_) (CI_get_oid(self->fields, fieldno_))

/*    These functions are used only for manual result sets */
#define QR_get_num_total_tuples(self)           (self->manual_tuples ? TL_get_num_tuples(self->manual_tuples) : self->num_total_rows)
#define QR_get_num_backend_tuples(self)         (self->manual_tuples ? TL_get_num_tuples(self->manual_tuples) : self->num_backend_rows)
#define QR_add_tuple(self, new_tuple)           (TL_add_tuple(self->manual_tuples, new_tuple))
#define QR_set_field_info(self, field_num, name, adtid, adtsize)  (CI_set_field_info(self->fields, field_num, name, adtid, adtsize, -1))

/* status macros */
#define QR_command_successful(self)             ( !(self->status == PGRES_BAD_RESPONSE || self->status == PGRES_NONFATAL_ERROR || self->status == PGRES_FATAL_ERROR))
#define QR_command_maybe_successful(self) ( !(self->status == PGRES_BAD_RESPONSE || self->status == PGRES_FATAL_ERROR))
#define QR_command_nonfatal(self)               ( self->status == PGRES_NONFATAL_ERROR)
#define QR_end_tuples(self)                           ( self->status == PGRES_END_TUPLES)
#define QR_set_status(self, condition)          ( self->status = condition )
#define QR_set_aborted(self, aborted_)          ( self->aborted = aborted_)
#define QR_set_haskeyset(self)            (self->haskeyset = TRUE)

#define QR_get_message(self)                    (self->message)
#define QR_get_command(self)                    (self->command)
#define QR_get_notice(self)                           (self->notice)
#define QR_get_status(self)                           (self->status)
#define QR_get_aborted(self)                    (self->aborted)

#define QR_aborted(self)                              (!self || self->aborted)

/*    Core Functions */
QResultClass *QR_Constructor(void);
void        QR_Destructor(QResultClass *self);
char        QR_read_tuple(QResultClass *self, char binary);
int               QR_next_tuple(QResultClass *self);
int               QR_close(QResultClass *self);
char        QR_fetch_tuples(QResultClass *self, ConnectionClass *conn, char *cursor);
void        QR_free_memory(QResultClass *self);
void        QR_set_command(QResultClass *self, const char *msg);
void        QR_set_message(QResultClass *self, const char *msg);
void        QR_set_notice(QResultClass *self, const char *msg);

void        QR_set_num_fields(QResultClass *self, int new_num_fields);  /* manual result only */

void        QR_inc_base(QResultClass *self, int base_inc);
void        QR_set_cache_size(QResultClass *self, int cache_size);
void        QR_set_rowset_size(QResultClass *self, int rowset_size);
void        QR_set_position(QResultClass *self, int pos);


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