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/* File:                lobj.h
 * Description:         See "lobj.c"
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __LOBJ_H__
#define __LOBJ_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

struct lo_arg
      int               isint;
      int               len;
            int               integer;
            char     *ptr;
      }                 u;

#define LO_CREAT                          957
#define LO_OPEN                                 952
#define LO_CLOSE                          953
#define LO_READ                                 954
#define LO_WRITE                          955
#define LO_LSEEK                          956
#define LO_TELL                                 958
#define LO_UNLINK                         964

#define INV_WRITE                         0x00020000
#define INV_READ                          0x00040000

Oid               lo_creat(ConnectionClass *conn, int mode);
int               lo_open(ConnectionClass *conn, int lobjId, int mode);
int               lo_close(ConnectionClass *conn, int fd);
int               lo_read(ConnectionClass *conn, int fd, char *buf, int len);
int               lo_write(ConnectionClass *conn, int fd, char *buf, int len);
int               lo_lseek(ConnectionClass *conn, int fd, int offset, int len);
int               lo_tell(ConnectionClass *conn, int fd);
int               lo_unlink(ConnectionClass *conn, Oid lobjId);


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