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/* File:                convert.h
 * Description:         See "convert.c"
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __CONVERT_H__
#define __CONVERT_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

/* copy_and_convert results */
#define COPY_OK                                       0
#define COPY_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE                         1
#define COPY_UNSUPPORTED_CONVERSION                   2
#define COPY_RESULT_TRUNCATED                         3
#define COPY_GENERAL_ERROR                                  4
#define COPY_NO_DATA_FOUND                                  5
/* convert_escape results */
#define CONVERT_ESCAPE_OK                             0
#define CONVERT_ESCAPE_OVERFLOW                             1
#define CONVERT_ESCAPE_ERROR                          -1

typedef struct
      int         infinity;
      int               m;
      int               d;
      int               y;
      int               hh;
      int               mm;
      int               ss;
      int               fr;

int               copy_and_convert_field_bindinfo(StatementClass *stmt, Int4 field_type, void *value, int col);
int copy_and_convert_field(StatementClass *stmt, Int4 field_type, void *value, Int2 fCType,
                                 PTR rgbValue, SDWORD cbValueMax, SDWORD *pcbValue);

int         copy_statement_with_parameters(StatementClass *stmt, BOOL);
BOOL        convert_money(const char *s, char *sout, size_t soutmax);
char        parse_datetime(const char *buf, SIMPLE_TIME *st);
int               convert_linefeeds(const char *s, char *dst, size_t max, BOOL convlf, BOOL *changed);
int               convert_special_chars(const char *si, char *dst, int used, BOOL convlf,int ccsc);

int               convert_pgbinary_to_char(const char *value, char *rgbValue, int cbValueMax);
int               convert_from_pgbinary(const unsigned char *value, unsigned char *rgbValue, int cbValueMax);
int               convert_to_pgbinary(const unsigned char *in, char *out, int len);
int         pg_hex2bin(const UCHAR *in, UCHAR *out, int len);
void        encode(const char *in, char *out);
void        decode(const char *in, char *out);
int convert_lo(StatementClass *stmt, const void *value, Int2 fCType, PTR rgbValue,
               SDWORD cbValueMax, SDWORD *pcbValue);


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