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/* File:                connection.h
 * Description:         See "connection.c"
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __CONNECTION_H__
#define __CONNECTION_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "descriptor.h"

#include <pthread.h>

typedef enum
      CONN_NOT_CONNECTED,                 /* Connection has not been established */
      CONN_CONNECTED,                     /* Connection is up and has been
                                                 * established */
      CONN_DOWN,                          /* Connection is broken */
      CONN_EXECUTING                      /* the connection is currently executing a
                                                 * statement */
} CONN_Status;

/*    These errors have general sql error state */
#define CONNECTION_SERVER_NOT_REACHED                       101
#define CONNECTION_MSG_TOO_LONG                                   103
#define CONNECTION_COULD_NOT_SEND                           104
#define CONNECTION_NO_SUCH_DATABASE                         105
#define CONNECTION_BACKEND_CRAZY                            106
#define CONNECTION_NO_RESPONSE                                    107
#define CONNECTION_COULD_NOT_RECEIVE                        109
#define CONNECTION_SERVER_REPORTED_WARNING                  110
#define CONNECTION_NEED_PASSWORD                            112

/*    These errors correspond to specific SQL states */
#define CONN_INIREAD_ERROR                                        201
#define CONN_OPENDB_ERROR                                         202
#define CONN_STMT_ALLOC_ERROR                               203
#define CONN_IN_USE                                                     204
#define CONN_UNSUPPORTED_OPTION                                   205
/* Used by SetConnectoption to indicate unsupported options */
#define CONN_INVALID_ARGUMENT_NO                            206
/* SetConnectOption: corresponds to ODBC--"S1009" */
#define CONN_TRANSACT_IN_PROGRES                            207
#define CONN_NO_MEMORY_ERROR                                208
#define CONN_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_ERROR                          209
#define CONN_INVALID_AUTHENTICATION                         210
#define CONN_AUTH_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED                          211
#define CONN_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_DLL                                   212

#define CONN_OPTION_VALUE_CHANGED                           213
#define CONN_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE                                   214

#define CONN_TRUNCATED                                            215

/* Conn_status defines */
#define CONN_IN_AUTOCOMMIT          1L 
#define CONN_IN_TRANSACTION         (1L<<1)

/* AutoCommit functions */
#define CC_set_autocommit_off(x)    (x->transact_status &= ~CONN_IN_AUTOCOMMIT)
#define CC_set_autocommit_on(x)           (x->transact_status |= CONN_IN_AUTOCOMMIT)
#define CC_is_in_autocommit(x)            (x->transact_status & CONN_IN_AUTOCOMMIT)

/* Transaction in/not functions */
#define CC_set_in_trans(x)    (x->transact_status |= CONN_IN_TRANSACTION)
#define CC_set_no_trans(x)    (x->transact_status &= ~CONN_IN_TRANSACTION)
#define CC_is_in_trans(x)     (x->transact_status & CONN_IN_TRANSACTION)

/* Manual transaction in/not functions */
#define CC_set_in_manual_trans(x) (x->transact_status |= CONN_IN_MANUAL_TRANSACTION)
#define CC_set_no_manual_trans(x) (x->transact_status &= ~CONN_IN_MANUAL_TRANSACTION)
#define CC_is_in_manual_trans(x) (x->transact_status & CONN_IN_MANUAL_TRANSACTION)

#define CC_get_errornumber(x) (x->__error_number)
#define CC_get_errormsg(x)    (x->__error_message)
#define CC_set_errornumber(x, n)    (x->__error_number = n)

/* For Multi-thread */
#define INIT_CONN_CS(x)       InitializeCriticalSection(&((x)->cs))
#define ENTER_CONN_CS(x)      EnterCriticalSection(&((x)->cs))
#define LEAVE_CONN_CS(x)      LeaveCriticalSection(&((x)->cs))
#define DELETE_CONN_CS(x)     DeleteCriticalSection(&((x)->cs))
#define INIT_CONN_CS(x)       pthread_mutex_init(&((x)->cs),0)
#define ENTER_CONN_CS(x)      pthread_mutex_lock(&((x)->cs))
#define LEAVE_CONN_CS(x)      pthread_mutex_unlock(&((x)->cs))
#define DELETE_CONN_CS(x)     pthread_mutex_destroy(&((x)->cs))
#define INIT_CONN_CS(x) 
#define ENTER_CONN_CS(x)
#define LEAVE_CONN_CS(x)
#define DELETE_CONN_CS(x)

#define     RETURN_AFTER_LEAVE_CS(conn, ret) \
      { LEAVE_CONN_CS(conn); return ret; }

/* Authentication types */
#define AUTH_REQ_OK                                                     0
#define AUTH_REQ_KRB4                                             1
#define AUTH_REQ_KRB5                                             2
#define AUTH_REQ_PASSWORD                                         3
#define AUTH_REQ_CRYPT                                            4
#define AUTH_REQ_MD5                                              5
#define AUTH_REQ_SCM_CREDS                                        6

/*    Startup Packet sizes */
#define SM_DATABASE                                                     64
#define SM_USER                                                         32
#define SM_OPTIONS                                                      64
#define SM_UNUSED                                                 64
#define SM_TTY                                                          64

/*    Old 6.2 protocol defines */
#define NO_AUTHENTICATION                                         7
#define PATH_SIZE                                                 64
#define ARGV_SIZE                                                 64
#define USRNAMEDATALEN        16

typedef unsigned int ProtocolVersion;

#define PG_PROTOCOL(major, minor)   (((major) << 16) | (minor))
#define PG_PROTOCOL_LATEST                                        PG_PROTOCOL(2, 0)
#define PG_PROTOCOL_63                                            PG_PROTOCOL(1, 0)
#define PG_PROTOCOL_62                                            PG_PROTOCOL(0, 0)

/*    This startup packet is to support latest Postgres protocol (6.4, 6.3) */
typedef struct _StartupPacket
      ProtocolVersion protoVersion;
      char        database[SM_DATABASE];
      char        user[SM_USER];
      char        options[SM_OPTIONS];
      char        unused[SM_UNUSED];
      char        tty[SM_TTY];
} StartupPacket;

/*    This startup packet is to support pre-Postgres 6.3 protocol */
typedef struct _StartupPacket6_2
      unsigned int authtype;
      char        database[PATH_SIZE];
      char        user[USRNAMEDATALEN];
      char        options[ARGV_SIZE];
      char        execfile[ARGV_SIZE];
      char        tty[PATH_SIZE];
} StartupPacket6_2;

/* Transferred from pqcomm.h:  */

typedef ProtocolVersion MsgType;


typedef struct CancelRequestPacket
      /* Note that each field is stored in network byte order! */
      MsgType           cancelRequestCode;      /* code to identify a cancel request */
      unsigned int      backendPID; /* PID of client's backend */
      unsigned int      cancelAuthCode; /* secret key to authorize cancel */
} CancelRequestPacket;

/*    Structure to hold all the connection attributes for a specific
      connection (used for both registry and file, DSN and DRIVER)
typedef struct
      char        dsn[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        desc[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        drivername[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        server[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        database[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        username[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        password[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        conn_settings[LARGE_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        protocol[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        port[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        onlyread[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        fake_oid_index[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        show_oid_column[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        row_versioning[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        show_system_tables[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        translation_dll[MEDIUM_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        translation_option[SMALL_REGISTRY_LEN];
      char        focus_password;
      signed char disallow_premature;
      signed char allow_keyset;
      signed char updatable_cursors;
      signed char lf_conversion;
      signed char true_is_minus1;
      signed char int8_as;
      signed char bytea_as_longvarbinary;
      signed char use_server_side_prepare;
      signed char lower_case_identifier;
      GLOBAL_VALUES drivers;        /* moved from driver's option */
} ConnInfo;

/*    Macro to determine is the connection using 6.2 protocol? */
#define PROTOCOL_62(conninfo_)            (strncmp((conninfo_)->protocol, PG62, strlen(PG62)) == 0)

/*    Macro to determine is the connection using 6.3 protocol? */
#define PROTOCOL_63(conninfo_)            (strncmp((conninfo_)->protocol, PG63, strlen(PG63)) == 0)

 *    Macros to compare the server's version with a specified version
 *          1st parameter: pointer to a ConnectionClass object
 *          2nd parameter: major version number
 *          3rd parameter: minor version number
#define SERVER_VERSION_GT(conn, major, minor) \
      ((conn)->pg_version_major > major || \
      ((conn)->pg_version_major == major && (conn)->pg_version_minor > minor))
#define SERVER_VERSION_GE(conn, major, minor) \
      ((conn)->pg_version_major > major || \
      ((conn)->pg_version_major == major && (conn)->pg_version_minor >= minor))
#define SERVER_VERSION_EQ(conn, major, minor) \
      ((conn)->pg_version_major == major && (conn)->pg_version_minor == minor)
#define SERVER_VERSION_LE(conn, major, minor) (! SERVER_VERSION_GT(conn, major, minor))
#define SERVER_VERSION_LT(conn, major, minor) (! SERVER_VERSION_GE(conn, major, minor))
/*#if ! defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H) || defined(HAVE_STRINGIZE)*/
#define STRING_AFTER_DOT(string)    (strchr(#string, '.') + 1)
#define STRING_AFTER_DOT(str) (strchr("str", '.') + 1)
 *    Simplified macros to compare the server's version with a
 *          specified version
 *    Note: Never pass a variable as the second parameter.
 *            It must be a decimal constant of the form %d.%d .
#define PG_VERSION_GT(conn, ver) \
 (SERVER_VERSION_GT(conn, (int) ver, atoi(STRING_AFTER_DOT(ver))))
#define PG_VERSION_GE(conn, ver) \
 (SERVER_VERSION_GE(conn, (int) ver, atoi(STRING_AFTER_DOT(ver))))
#define PG_VERSION_EQ(conn, ver) \
 (SERVER_VERSION_EQ(conn, (int) ver, atoi(STRING_AFTER_DOT(ver))))
#define PG_VERSION_LE(conn, ver) (! PG_VERSION_GT(conn, ver))
#define PG_VERSION_LT(conn, ver) (! PG_VERSION_GE(conn, ver))

/*    This is used to store cached table information in the connection */
struct col_info
      QResultClass *result;
      char        *schema;
      char        name[TABLE_NAME_STORAGE_LEN + 1];

 /* Translation DLL entry points */
#ifdef WIN32
#define DLLHANDLE void *
#define HINSTANCE void *

typedef BOOL (FAR WINAPI * DataSourceToDriverProc) (UDWORD,
                                                                                          SDWORD FAR *,
                                                                                           UCHAR FAR *,
                                                                                          SWORD FAR *);

typedef BOOL (FAR WINAPI * DriverToDataSourceProc) (UDWORD,
                                                                                          SDWORD FAR *,
                                                                                           UCHAR FAR *,
                                                                                          SWORD FAR *);

/*******    The Connection handle   ************/
struct ConnectionClass_
      HENV        henv;             /* environment this connection was created
                                                 * on */
      StatementOptions stmtOptions;
      ARDFields   ardOptions;
      APDFields   apdOptions;
      char     *__error_message;
      int               __error_number;
      CONN_Status status;
      ConnInfo    connInfo;
      StatementClass **stmts;
      int               num_stmts;
      SocketClass *sock;
      int               lobj_type;
      int               ntables;
      COL_INFO  **col_info;
      long        translation_option;
      HINSTANCE   translation_handle;
      DataSourceToDriverProc DataSourceToDriver;
      DriverToDataSourceProc DriverToDataSource;
      Int2        driver_version; /* prepared for ODBC3.0 */
      char        transact_status;/* Is a transaction is currently in
                                                 * progress */
      char        errormsg_created;       /* has an informative error msg
                                                             * been created?  */
      char        pg_version[MAX_INFO_STRING];  /* Version of PostgreSQL
                                                                         * we're connected to -
                                                                         * DJP 25-1-2001 */
      float       pg_version_number;
      Int2        pg_version_major;
      Int2        pg_version_minor;
      char        ms_jet;
      char        unicode;
      char        result_uncommitted;
      char        schema_support;
      char        *client_encoding;
      char        *server_encoding;
      int         ccsc;
      int         be_pid;     /* pid returned by backend */
      int         be_key; /* auth code needed to send cancel */
      UInt4       isolation;
      char        *current_schema;
    pthread_mutex_t     cs;

/* Accessor functions */
#define CC_get_socket(x)                              (x->sock)
#define CC_get_database(x)                            (x->connInfo.database)
#define CC_get_server(x)                              (x->connInfo.server)
#define CC_get_DSN(x)                                 (x->connInfo.dsn)
#define CC_get_username(x)                            (x->connInfo.username)
#define CC_is_onlyread(x)                             (x->connInfo.onlyread[0] == '1')

/*    for CC_DSN_info */
#define CONN_DONT_OVERWRITE         0
#define CONN_OVERWRITE              1

/*    prototypes */
ConnectionClass *CC_Constructor(void);
void        CC_conninfo_init(ConnInfo *conninfo);
char        CC_Destructor(ConnectionClass *self);
int               CC_cursor_count(ConnectionClass *self);
char        CC_cleanup(ConnectionClass *self);
char        CC_begin(ConnectionClass *self);
char        CC_commit(ConnectionClass *self);
char        CC_abort(ConnectionClass *self);
int               CC_set_translation(ConnectionClass *self);
char        CC_connect(ConnectionClass *self, char password_req, char *salt);
char        CC_add_statement(ConnectionClass *self, StatementClass *stmt);
char        CC_remove_statement(ConnectionClass *self, StatementClass *stmt);
void        CC_set_error(ConnectionClass *self, int number, const char *message);
void        CC_set_errormsg(ConnectionClass *self, const char *message);
char        CC_get_error(ConnectionClass *self, int *number, char **message);
QResultClass *CC_send_query(ConnectionClass *self, char *query, QueryInfo *qi, UDWORD flag);
void        CC_clear_error(ConnectionClass *self);
char     *CC_create_errormsg(ConnectionClass *self);
int               CC_send_function(ConnectionClass *conn, int fnid, void *result_buf, int *actual_result_len, int result_is_int, LO_ARG *argv, int nargs);
char        CC_send_settings(ConnectionClass *self);
void        CC_lookup_lo(ConnectionClass *conn);
void        CC_lookup_pg_version(ConnectionClass *conn);
void        CC_initialize_pg_version(ConnectionClass *conn);
void        CC_log_error(const char *func, const char *desc, const ConnectionClass *self);
int               CC_get_max_query_len(const ConnectionClass *self);
int         CC_send_cancel_request(const ConnectionClass *conn);
void        CC_on_commit(ConnectionClass *conn);
void        CC_on_abort(ConnectionClass *conn, UDWORD opt);
void        ProcessRollback(ConnectionClass *conn, BOOL undo);
const char  *CC_get_current_schema(ConnectionClass *conn);

/* CC_send_query options */
#define     CLEAR_RESULT_ON_ABORT   1L
#define     CREATE_KEYSET           (1L << 1) /* create keyset for updatable curosrs */
#define     GO_INTO_TRANSACTION     (1L << 2) /* issue begin in advance */
/* CC_on_abort options */
#define     NO_TRANS          1L
#define     CONN_DEAD         (1L << 1) /* connection is no longer valid */

#endif /* __CONNECTION_H__ */

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