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/* File:                columninfo.h
 * Description:         See "columninfo.c"
 * Comments:            See "notice.txt" for copyright and license information.

#ifndef __COLUMNINFO_H__
#define __COLUMNINFO_H__

#include "psqlodbc.h"

struct ColumnInfoClass_
      Int2        num_fields;
      char    **name;               /* list of type names */
      Oid            *adtid;              /* list of type ids */
      Int2     *adtsize;            /* list type sizes */
      Int2     *display_size; /* the display size (longest row) */
      Int4     *atttypmod;          /* the length of bpchar/varchar */

#define CI_get_num_fields(self)                 (self->num_fields)
#define CI_get_oid(self, col)             (self->adtid[col])
#define CI_get_fieldname(self, col)       (self->name[col])
#define CI_get_fieldsize(self, col)       (self->adtsize[col])
#define CI_get_display_size(self, col)    (self->display_size[col])
#define CI_get_atttypmod(self, col)       (self->atttypmod[col])

ColumnInfoClass *CI_Constructor(void);
void        CI_Destructor(ColumnInfoClass *self);
void        CI_free_memory(ColumnInfoClass *self);
char        CI_read_fields(ColumnInfoClass *self, ConnectionClass *conn);

/* functions for setting up the fields from within the program, */
/* without reading from a socket */
void        CI_set_num_fields(ColumnInfoClass *self, int new_num_fields);
void CI_set_field_info(ColumnInfoClass *self, int field_num, char *new_name,
                          Oid new_adtid, Int2 new_adtsize, Int4 atttypmod);


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